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fredag 10 juni 2011

The loose skrews - Ledbelly DEMO (2009)

01. Sworn to fun
02. We will be over
03. We all make mistakes
04. Warm beer, cold souls
05. When the going gets tough
06. Vicious cycle
07. Violent world (The glory cover)

Basicly the demo that was supposed to result in their last album (that still hasnt been released) but it ended up in resulting in an EP through Dim Records. Three tracks from that EP, 3 tracks that never got released and a cover of Violent world is what you get from this demo.
When the going gets tough is probably the best one with a positive message about simply just drinking more the harder your life gets.
Their cover of Violent world is alright but nowhere near the original even if the song features Mark Magee on guitar (original member of The glory, Condemned 84 and later on Anti-Heros).
(I had to use Megaupload on this upload since Mediafire seems to be down 60% of the days)

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