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onsdag 22 juni 2011

Better dead than red - Front line CD (2000)

01. Traitor town USA
02. Just can't last one more day
03. Beat down
04. Columbine
05. Battle call
06. Written word
07. On the front line
08. Traitor
09. Punk rock fantasy
10. Night fall (Empire falls cover)
11. GCC (Empire falls cover)
12. American war machine
13. Sign of the times
14. Commie killer
15. Day break (Scorch cover)
16. Dooms day
17. Mr Down on his luck
18. Into glory they ride

Released by Prophecy Records in 2000 (i think).

Dont really know if this one truly was released in 2000 or if it was released later but i know all the songs on the CD where recorded in 2000.

After the disturbingly bad first record BDTR returned to their HC roots and the result sounds more like Empire falls and i think Hatecore or Negicore is a better discription of it than Oi! or RAC.

The sound is far from complete but this time around they actually deliver. It is hateful, brutal and at some point quite evil and to be honest this is what i search for when i want RAC. Perfect for weightlifting but not really the music i put on when getting it on with my old lady.
Most songs are short but sweet often ending at 1.30 and it suits me well since they dont really put the energy into making creative lyrics like they did on the The world needs a hero release.
Great songs for stomping and aggro weightlifting are Commie killer, On the front line and Just cant last one more day.
One track that sticks out is the last one Into glory they ride that gives a quick peak on the sound that would become the official BDTR sound on their next album.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Damn good review and THANX A LOT for loading this one up!!! It's great, I've always thought that this just would have been some sort of a live or rehearsal bootleg or so (don't ask me why... maybe because of the ceap retarded cover drawing or so;-)...) and so I never got it anyway. And damn it, I fucking like this HC side of the BDTR sound very much (and didn't know it before this one here). I'll test it tomorrow if it really works out that good when pumping iron and lifting weight in the gym like you say. Will let yo know about it;-)!!!
    - Manslaughter Andy

  2. Just stopping by to let you know that it works exactly as good as you've announced it in your review when you're lifting weights and pumping iron in the gym, haha;-).
    - Manslaughter Andy