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fredag 17 juni 2011

Time bomb 77 - The American way 7'' (1997)

01. American way
02. Cider
03. Rapist
04. Outlaw (Chron-Gen cover)

Released by Black Hole Records in 1997.

The last record released by the band and this time with a new singer and a new bandname (yeah putíng Time and Bomb together is really creative).
The band has a bit different sound here ranging from HC-Punk (American way) to a bit more Oi! sounding songs like their old Protect & serve (Rapist) but also doing an ok cover of Outlaw (not as good as the original though).
Their new singer Bryan is a mystery to me and i know nothing of what bands he has been in before but he sounds really familiar. All in all he does an ok job on an ok album.

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  1. Bryan is on the bass, Dave (formerly on bass) on the mic. It's a bit confusing