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tisdag 21 juni 2011

Better dead than red (introduction)

A band I know a lot of you readers will bitch about but remember since I don’t make any money from running this site I do not need you as a reader so if you don’t like it then simply stop visiting my site. It’s as simple as that. And let me point out that this is NOT a Nazi band no matter what groups their singer might be affiliated with these days or how much their bandname and politics might confuse you. Since Bryan has been a part of the scene for longer than most of you and played in bands such as Blitz (USA), Patriot, Empire falls, Scorch and Brutal tactics I think this band has every right to be represented on a site that is dedicated to the history of the US scene.

Band started by Bryan ”Scorch” Haizlip from Empire falls when the band faced their first breakup. Main focus at the start was to create a pure patriotic band to battle the ever-growing leftwing tendencies in North Carolina. At first it was just Bryan playing guitar, bass and singing and a friend of his playing drums (quite poorly to I might add). But after the success of their first CD A better land Empire falls old drummer Brandon “Jughead” decided to quit the band and focus 100% on B.D.T.R. With this two man lineup they released what I think is their best record The world needs a hero that showed of a more classic patriotic skinhead music both lyrically and musically. As time went the lineups changed and today they are a 4-piece band. Also the politics changed when B.D.T.R. seemed to move more to the right just like Bryans other bands and ended up doing records with White wash and also becoming a bit more extreme in their lyrics.

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