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tisdag 21 juni 2011

Better dead than red - A better land CD (2000)

01. A better land
02. You are not forgotten
03. Into glory they ride
04. Our land, not your land
05. Mister down on your luck
06. Justice for Daniel Faulkner
07. Only the strong survive
08. Forever your honor is true
09. Carolina...
10. Traitor town USA
11. Just cant last one more day
12. Keep you alive
13. Normandy (hidden bonus song)
14. Social schism (hidden bonus song)

Released by R.A.C. Records in 2000.

Since their songs from both their demo and their EP where all added to later records i wont upload them on the site.

How the hell did this record get released? The drummer cant hold a beat and the guitar blazes out on its own without giving a flying fuck about what beat the drummer is in and even if this is a hardcore singers first attempt to sing a more RAC influensed music it is laughable how they just think you can drag down the tempo to suddenly say "volá we have created RAC". Whatever they thought it didnt work.
There are a whole lot of songs on here that the band later remade into some proper good songs (Traitor town USA, Just cant last one more day and Into glory they ride) but these older versions are a joke.
Where the record totally collapse in my eyes is when they try to make an instrumental track (Justice for Daniel Faulkner) and all i can hear is a drummer that shouldnt really be behind the drums in the first place struggling to keep up on the easiest and slowest track that even i could have pulled of better.

It aint all bad though since Bryan has a hell of a voice and on a few tracks he really delivers. As cheesy as it might be Keep you alive is actually the best track of them all and has a really good ballad chorus. Another one you worth checking out is the song Only the strong survive (if you get upset that someone might have other political values than you have then watch out for this song though).

5 kommentarer:

  1. in the wonderful post 9/11 era; when huge grey areas were celebrated....i bought this CD in Newburyport MA because it was so hailed. what a pile of crap. i threw it out. Crappy musicianship, worse production and generic cliche lyrics. Really. Stalin and Lenin? such a communist threat in the US? not really at all. they are creating a sentiment that needs no enemy cuz it doesn't exist. anywaay - even if the lyrics were amazing - the music is horrible. and that's what you always say comes first. a4/10 is a gift, but agreed that it rates low.

  2. Exactly, I totally agree. The horrible drummer is really a bad joke. Sounds like playin' with an wood leg. After this album I don't listen to this band for years, such a miserable release.

  3. Yes, this one here sucks!!! (Also the imagery is total non-sense, I totally agree on this.) But their later releases "MARX WAS WRONG" and "R.A.C. WARRIORS" are really good stuff, also not to forget about their "THE WORLD NEEDS A HERO" album. What the band- as well as EMPIRE FALLS- do today (with headlining Blood & Honour festivals and other bullshit like this) is another story but anyway it's good to see that this band is coming up here because even I would understand if today someone calls them WP or NS, yehp, but back then it was just right wing Punkrock (or R.A.C. literally meant) and so it's good to see them up here because if some may like it or not but they belong here, period. So THANX Bernando for not stepping back from your marching order up here!!!
    Btw, it's really pretty 'sad' to see (at least if you ask me) what became out of all this bands out of the EF camp over the years and all their political contamination...
    - Manslaughter Andy

  4. Hi from humboldt county northern california...new to reading it and have been exposed to alot of bands i would of never heard of. I have to respectfully disagree...this is their best album...I love them all but this is the best one! Yes the drumming kind of sucks but the album has a LOT of heart...this one and marx are my favorites! ...anyway thanks for all the good reading, northern cal lurker

    1. Theres always something for everyone. Nice someoneout there enjoyed it.