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söndag 26 juni 2011

Better dead than red - RAC warriors CD (2007)

01. RAC warriors
02. Smash the reds
03. For those who fight and die (Listen to the song here)
04. Carry your banners
05. Drinking song
06. Wrong or right '07
07. Stealth
08. Kick em in the head
09. A better land
10. It's gonna work itself out (Rose Tattoo cover)
11. Terrorist with a guitar (Lunikoff cover)

Released by Defiant Recordings in 2007.

One of the most aggro releases i have ever heard with Bryan on point the whole record through. Because the band have released so much crap and have their politics on the far right a lot of people have missed a great album here.

Everything wrong in the world is still "the reds" fault and the paranoia is still there but this time the band delivers great songs from beggining to the end. Even if it now is a pure RAC sound i think a lot of oldschool punks and Oi!heads will appretiate this record if you just give it a chance.

Best one's in the bunch is Kick em in the head (now thats what i call a drinking song), Carry your banners (probably the best lyrics on the whole album), For those who fight and die and the great Rose Tattoo cover done right with Bryans voice.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Awefull band who's only strength is a skilled vocalist. 9-10 is generous//Stranglehold FF

  2. Helt ok band, senaste Best of skivan med nyinspelningar är faktiskt riktigt bra.

  3. Anonym:
    if you listen to the album you will find that the whole band is quite good in this release. Dont know why they sound completly crap on some other releases though.

    Jo så sant. Kommer slänga upp både den och deras självtitlade platta nästa år. Den ena bättre än den andra dock.

  4. ok perfekt,

    Du som har koll på läget, är det inte Bryan som sjunger även i Action Group 88 och Achtung Juden? Jag tycker rösten och musiken låter väldigt lika.

  5. Aldrig hört endera av banden om jag ska vara ärlig. Är dom Amerikanska?

  6. ja det är dom.

    Här finns en låt att lyssna på av AG 88: http://shop.textalk.se/se/article.php?id=11768&art=5979858

  7. Här är en länk till AJ - No More Brother Wars:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBPeTpzmv8s&feature=related