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måndag 6 juni 2011

The loose skrews - Born to lose CD (2008)

01. The best times
02. Born to lose
03. Three kinds of love
04. Come sweet Cirrhois
05. Rude, crude and lewd
06. Drink fuckin beer!
07. We are the loose skrews
08. Drink up you bastards
09. Loose skrews brew crew
10. Gonna get drunk
11. Try and fail
12. Coulda been a contender
13. Can i see you tomorrow?
14. None more Rancid!
15. Dont take my hand
16. Used to be means never was
17. Boozed up and burned out

Released by OTF Records in 2008.

They where now a 5-piece band and decided to re-record some of their old songs for this record. Dont really like that sort of stuff but since their new songs are good i will let it slide.

Both Can i see you tomorrow and the anthemy The best times are solid additions to their "classic" songs but best of them all is No more Rancid. A track where the band mocks and at some parts immitates Lars and his gucci-punk friends "Get them with the boot with all you got".
The album is sold out from all known distros.

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