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tisdag 14 juni 2011

V/A - American headaches Vol.2 (1994)

01. The wretched ones - Legal violations
02. The wretched ones - Killing for fame
03. The wretched ones - America's most wanted
04. The wretched ones - Life for a life
05. Niblick henbane - For you
06. Niblick henbane - Andy bought a gun
07. Niblick henbane - What's your deal?
08. Niblick henbane - Angel
09. Those unknown - The four of us
10. Those unknown - Go where the kids go
11. Those unknown - Cries of a nation
12. Those unknown - Weekend nights
13. Headwound - Tuck a buck
14. Headwound - Greater than 0, less than 1
15. Headwound - Barfly
16. Headwound - Bergen county

Released by Dim Records in 1994.

Sort of the Headache dreamteam on this second volume.
Basicly this record is just a compilation of EP's by the band. The Americas most wanted by The wretched ones, Whats your deal? EP by Niblick henbane, the fantastic selftitled EP by Those unknown and The EP by Headwound. Since i have allready written about all these bands and uploaded all songs featured on this comp i will keep it short today.
As much as the record is filled with great songs by some of the best bands out there no songs are truly rare today and thats the only reason why i dont give it 10 points.

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