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torsdag 2 juni 2011

The loose skrews - More than a few CD (2004)

01. We are the loose skrews
02. It's your loss
03. Who needs a drink
04. All i got
05. First you dream
06. Gonna get drunk
07. Nothing matters
08. Heard it in a love song
09. Music and misery
10. Here tonight
11. What good is love?
12. Only gona die
13. Life must suck being you
14. 7 year itch
15. Living on a prayer (Jon Bon Jovi cover)
16. Til the day i die
17. Heartless

Selfreleased by the band in 2004.

Not the best effort by the band and probably my least favourite record but still some good tunes on the CD.
First one worth mentioning is the band-anthem We are the loose skrews. One of the few songs on the record that feels like a pure Oi! song.
On the song What good is love the band takes it down a notch and sings some sort of wierd broken heart ballad and as misplaced as Rotger sounds on this song it is actually quite fantastic in all its wierdness.
7 year itch is one of the heavier tracks on the record and also one of the best.
The best song on the whole record though is the Jon bon jovi cover. As much as i dispice that band i have always like that single track and the skrews take on it is nothing but fantastic. Just knock down a couple of brews and see for yourself if you can keep yourself from singing along in the chorus.
The record is still available for purchase through:
Dim records

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