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onsdag 1 juni 2011

The loose skrews (introduction)

An unknown but even so a legendary band from Atlanta. One of those bands who didnt try to act a part but instead stod on the outside looking in and in that way made up their own rules and even if they gladly borrowed from other bands somewhat even created their own sound.
It would be ignorant to try and classify this band into a punkrock/oi!/hardcore/rocknroll folder since they dont really fit any of those. Best way to describe them is a crossbreed between Motörhead, Antiseen, 4skins, GG Allin and Black flag with a little pinch of Dire straits sprinkled on top of it all.

I found out about this band quite late (in 2006 to be exact) but i have gladly emptied my pockets to collect everything they have done no matter how cheap and ugly the CD's i got delivered home was. I know a lot of people out there have missed this band and i think its a shame cause this is in my oppinion one of those few bands that represents what punkrock is to me.
Starting out as a 3-piece band in 2003 with the highly charismatic and from what i have heard somewhat smelly Rotger on vocals and guitar, Jon B on bass and Slim on drums. They released their first demo and in 2004 they thought fuck it and selfreleased their first CD called More than a few.
The fact that the band is a pubrock band that was made to perform live and the fact that Rotger combines these liveshows with a heavy consumption of Pabts blue ribbon beer they understood that a solid guitarplayer was needed to let Rotger do whatever it is he does when he sings. They added Brady to play guitar and released their second CD in 2005 called Have another brew.
After this release the band had a bit of a slow period but in 2008 they released Born to loose that according to the band is their attempt to take the whole "music thing" serious. On this record they have re-recorded some of their old songs and also added a couple of new ones and also rearranged a lot in their lineup. We now had Rotger still on vocals, Jon B still on bass, Brady now playing rhytmic guitar and Clay playing lead guitar. Bill had now replaced Slim on drums.
For their latest album For those heart true Hooper replaced Brady on rythm guitar and Gabe replaced Bill on drums.
Last year they released an Ep through Dim records and called it quits a short time after that. They are supposed to release a last record later this year through OTF Records with much of their material that never saw the light. Lets just hope that this isnt another one of those records that never gets released. I need my fix!!

3 kommentarer:

  1. You may or may not know this ,but Rotger used to sing in a band called Stool Sample, who had a similar sound to Loose Skrews, but with slightly more pornographic lyrcs.

  2. I actually had no idea. I havnt heard much by the band. Only have that split they did with Bloody sods. Will digg up some more by this band.
    Thanks for the info.

  3. Rotger was the bass player in Stool Sample