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söndag 19 juni 2011

Grievance committee - Lick the boot 12'' EP (1989)

01. Lick the boot
02. Hate bus
03. Collision course

Released by Mourner Bros Records in 1989.

Mysterious Detroit band that got a small portion of fame from their 2 songs featured on the US of Oi! record back in the early 90's.
This EP is all they released other from those 2 songs and its a real shame cause the band was one of the best on the US of Oi! comp.
The bands lineup was Gordon Ison on vocals and guitar, Joe Rodgers on bass and Jay Clifton on drums and backing vocals.
The band wasnt together for that long but all 3 original members actually reunited the band in 2006 though nothing really sprouted out of that except a "15 years on" liveshow.
Gordon now have a new band called Linoleum Blownapart that has a sound not that far away from GC's.

Something that comes across quite quickly when listening to the EP is the bands firm stance against racism especially on their first track Lick the boot but also the lack of any hardcoreinfluences. Most simulair bands from America around late 80's early 90's had a really strong leaning towards the HC scene and the lack of anything like that in GC's sound is nothing but welcomed by me. The songs are all really rhythmic with a great r'n'r feeling and they remind me a little about their fellow Detroiters in Rogues.
Even if i somewhat prefered the more pop oriented sound on the comp there isnt a single bad song on the EP. Top stuff.

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