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torsdag 23 juni 2011

Better dead than red - The world needs a hero CD (2002)

01. Hold the line
02. I stand accused
03. 1916 (Motörhead cover)
04. The world needs a hero
05. Just can't last one more day (2002 mix)
06. Fire in their eyes
07. Our hearts belong to our land
08. We've got our pride
09. Understand your man (J. Cash cover)
10. Ruins of Chamelot
11. Hectic city
12. In defence of our home
13. Time is catching up with me
14. The watchmen (Vanguard mix)
15. The heart that never dies
16. Never surrender (Blitz cover)
17. Our hearts belong to our flag (hidden track)

Released by RAC Records in 2002.

The record that made me NOT slag this band of as another rightwinged nutjob band. And probably the album that is most politically toned down (and most worth listening to). Sure it's a lot of post 9/11 sleazy patriotism and a little to much talk about the constitution and American freedom but at the same time it lacks the constant and repetative "commiebashing" lyrics that seemed to take over after this release.

The lyrics and the way Bryan delivers them is the strong side of the album and i photoed the 16 paged booklet that came with the CD so you can check them out for yourself.

Songs that you really need to take a listen to are I stand accused, Fire in their eyes, Ruins of Chamelot, Our heart belongs to the land and the even better though "demodirty" version called Our heart belongs to the flag.

A great punkalbum celebrating the constitution and the nation from a band that would later strutt around in Blood & honor t-shirts and appear on a record called Fuck America. A shamefull turn of events.

3 kommentarer:

  1. A great record and a brilliant review of it and I totally agree with you on the closing statement of it!!! I couldn't have said it better by myself!!!
    - Manslaughter Andy

  2. I was there when Bryan got the "Fuck America" EPs back from the label. All the bands on that thing were pissed about the packaging which was supposed to be titled "American Pride" (the German label took some liberties). Say whatever else you want about Bryan, but he's always treated that release as a bootleg.

  3. Yeah Bryan got in touch with me about that and explained the situation. I updated the info on the comp review but not here.