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söndag 26 juni 2011

V/A - Fuck America! 7'' (2007)

01. Brutal tactics - We will not remember you (Anti-nowhere league cover)
02. White wash - Intimidation (The bruisers cover)
03. B.D.T.R. - Die when you die (GG. Allin cover)
04. Those opposed - POW

Released by DHF Records in 2007.

(Update 07 July: I got it confirmed that this record is a bootleg and none of the bands appearing has given the OK for it to be distributed and have nothing to do with the coverart or the views of the person who distributed it.)

A wierd release with a nazi cartoon character called Red skull and the title Fuck America!. It features two of Bryans bands, the WP band White wash and some unknown skinhead band called Those opposed. All songs are covers (something they dont even mention in the sleeve) and the covers have nothing to do with either Nazi comics or fucking America in any way.

Anyway out of this confusion comes my question. Why?

Sure the songs are great and so are the covers (maybe not the trashing of Intimidation) but what is the reason for this release? Make something out of the covers instead of making an exact copy of the song. There is no fun in listening to a punkband making a cover of a punkband if they dont throw in something extra like a saxophone or some missplaced pianoloop. Just do something with it!! Do a cover of fucking Michael Jackson or whatever. Surprise me.

The one i actually liked listening to is the last song. It might not be that great but its a song i have missed so to me it is not a cover but actually something new. Something i expect when buying a new record.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Those Opposed are unknown?
    They did a cover of 'Land Down Under', they should have included that instead.

  2. Not familuar witht he US Hatecore scene. Nothing i am ashamed of though.

  3. Why don't you write about their last selftitled album? I love to take part of your point of view!

  4. Because out of respect to the bands and as a way of supporting the scene instead of undermining it like most other sites do i never upload anything new by any band. I often have a 2 year rule (meaning that if an album is release in 2011 i dont upload it until 2013) unless the artists themselfs tell me that its ok.
    Me and Bryan might not really be good friends but i still respect his right to try and make some money on the records he records.
    Seing a record uploaded on the Oicorecrew site or skinheadpride site just weeks after the band releases it pisses me off and only shows a lack of respect so i will not do the same.

  5. Ok, that's fine with me. I already got their latest record, I'm just looking forward for your point of view... You are doing a great job, running this site! I might be a Little bit spoiled by you, getting complete discographies all the time.... Thanks!