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fredag 24 juni 2011

Better dead than red - Smash the reds CD (2003)

01. Crusader
02. Who we are
03. Fire in their eyes
04. Ruins of Chamelot
05. American radio
06. The watchmen
07. Time
08. We are the boys (Blitz cover) (Live)
09. Ruins of Chamelot (Live)
10. Antisocial (Skrewdriver cover) (Live)
11. Beat on the brat (Ramones cover) (Live)
12. American dream
13. Out for blood
14. Written word
15. Hectic city
16. Commie killer
17. Traitor
18. On the front line for America
19. Written word
20. Columbine
21. Just cant last one more day
22. Mr Down on his luck
23. Days of pain (as sideproject Gods of war)
24. S.P.Q.R. (as sideproject Gods of war)
25. The hourglass (as sideproject Gods of war)

Released by Patriotic Rock And Roll Records in 2003.

First of..... way to go with the oh so creative album name. Good to tell the listeners where you stand if they didnt understand it from your bandname Better Dead Than Red.... fuckin twats.

Secondly.... next time you make an album and sell it for fullprice try to find and steal a picture that is bigger than 50kb on google's picture search for "we dont like russia". Otherwise you will keep ending up with pixeled frontcovers like this one... fuckin twats.

Seven first tracks are from the previously uploaded split with The skulls and tracks 8-11 where recorded live at Cats Cradle in may 2003. And if all these songs would have been cut out it would actually have made a decent album.

On track 12-15 is where it starts to get intresting though. These are old demo tracks and i can imagine owning a recordlabel and recieving these songs in 1999 thinkin "Oh hell these boys sound halfdecent, we'll just sprinkle the songs with some piano and throw in some homoerotic handclapps give the boys some better equipment and we will have a hitrecord in notime" and then ending up with the complete bullshit that these songs became on the debut full-length.

Tracks 16-22 is their first release Commie killer EP and it is way better than the previously mentioned full-length and yet again i wonder what is up with the Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde tendensies that this band displays. Making good songs for the EP just to turn up 3 months later without even the slightest idea of how to use the fucking instruments?

They finnish of the album with throwing in the soso and globaly unknown sideproject of Bryan (his 10th or something) called Gods of war. If you like pure RAC (anything including the names like Rune, Thunder, Wolf or Viking in the bandname) this is probably something you will like. Not really my thing even though if the track S.P.Q.R. probably is the best one on the whole album.

Sure an ok demo and some good songs from their side-project but no matter where you stand politically i cant understand how anyone can stand this constant re-recording of old songs about the same old fucking subject.
Russia aint after you, you are NOT gods of war and yes people can see your u-turn into facism comming a mile away Bryan. I dont care but atleast try and make some new songs while turning for fuck sake.

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  1. I got this one back then as a physical copy and my first thought was how ridiculous it is to release a full length for a proper price with such a cheap cover artwork... (Not to mention how stupid one must be- including in this case myself- to buy over and over again records with the same songs on...) But I guess that's the outcome when you're basically in it for the money and after this then also to spread some bullshit political propaganda... But the side project songs are truly some nice (even stupid) stuff.
    - Manslaughter Andy