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fredag 17 juni 2011

Time bomb 77 - Protect & serve LP (1997)

01. Cider gut symphony
02. Someone said
03. Born to kill
04. No regrets
05. Mind's eye
06. Protect & serve
07. Plague
08. Hostage
09. Politicians
10. Aint no feeble bastard (Discharge cover)
11. Quit
12. Hooligans night out
13. A vote for who?
14. 77 in 95

Released by Knock Out Records in 1997.

Way better quality than the last LP i uploaded.
Probably the best record they released but the problem with the band (that i have) is that besides from the few really good songs like Protect & serve and 77 in 95 the rest are so easily forgotten.

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