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onsdag 8 juni 2011

The loose skrews - For those hearts true CD (2009)

01. For those hearts true
02. My life, my rules
03. Another wasted day
04. Just my luck
05. Goodbye cruel world
06. Fifteen years
07. No beer sales
08. Ex girlfriend
09. Black on the inside
10. In bed we lie
11. Die alone
12. I get burned
13. Sorry Atlanta
14. Alpha males
15. Yesterday

Released by OTF Records in 2009.

Seems like the band matured a bit for this release. Not just lyrics about beerdrinking this time around. Many of the songs are about brokenhearts and about living alone and also dying alone.
Cant really say i dislike it since the 2 songs i like most (Goodbye cruel world and Ex girlfriend) are about these subjects but there is just something in the sound of this record that is less compelling than their earlier releases. Most songs seem to blend into each other and most of them gets lost without really giving me a reason to get back to the CD except listening to the few songs i already like.
Still has some really solid guitarplay and Rotger sounds as "Mötör" as he always does.

Record can still be bought through Dim Records.

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