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måndag 27 juni 2011

Shark-skin - Pain no more DEMO (2011)

01. No one
02. You dont know
03. Tomorrow
04. Pain no more

The bands second demo sent in by the singer Omar Ruiz (the man guarding his precious parts on the photo).

The first demo was as raw and unpolished as it could have been with Omar doing all the instruments on his own but as i wrote back then i really liked the rugged sound it created.
This time he has brought along Bryant on bass and Adrian on drums and as a 3-piece band the sound is more complete than before. The whole band pulls their weight and i think its another one of those bands that are ready for their own record soon (but as always its more about who you know than how you sound so we will just see).

Its nothing new about their sound. They play classic singalong friendly Oi! but they do it good.
Two first songs are re-recordings of songs from the first demo and it sounds way better here. The song Pain no more is probably the best one on the demo while the other new track Tomorrow sounds a bit awkward. Its a bit slower than the other tracks and i dont really think it suits Omar's singingstyle.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Guy in front looks like Alfred E Neuman

  2. In these new recordings we had our friend Dennis play second guitar.