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lördag 4 december 2010

Shark-skin - Demo (2010)

01. Oi! the fever
02. Warrior
03. No one
04. You dont know

Skark-skin started out as a one-man band from Cali in 2009. The founder, singer, drummer, guitarist, bassplayer and extraordinair Omar Ruiz has nowdays added Bryant on bass and Adrian on drums to the band and judging how good the band sounded on these recordings i cant wait to hear how they sound with a full band and some better recording equipment.
I found a lowquality clip on youtube some months ago that i posted here on the site searching for some info on this band but never really got any feedback so i got in contact with Omar through their Myspace. He was kind enough to send me these demo tracks.

Just like Bleach battalion i am surprised how great it can sound with just a single person performing all instruments (both track 3 and 4 is Omar going solo). The best songs though are the once wher he gets some help by his friend Bryant on bass (tracks 1 & 2).
Love the attitude and message of the song Oi! the fever and the fact that its a young band doing the song really gives me some hope for the future. Keep your eyes on this bad and lets hope that its here to stay.

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