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onsdag 22 december 2010

Yellow stitches - Wrong place, wrong time Digital-EP (2010)

01. Yellow stitches
02. Wrong place, wrong time
03. Tale of a fat fucking retard
04. Manchester party
05. FFB
06. Broken bottles
07. Home

Released by Arrest records in 2010. Availible as a free download on their Facebook (and here offcourse).

I have been working the nightshift the last 6 weeks and finally i have 4 days off and what happens... i cant fucking sleep. Well i might aswell do somework here since my restless mind wont let my body sleep even if its 05:00 here in Sweden.

First off all thanks to Jay IRC for sending me this (i refuse to even go near anything called facebook) and also converting the songs into MP3 files. Second, thanks to Arrest records for getting into the christmas spirit by giving shit away for free.

This is basicly the demo i uploaded a few weeks back with 3 extra tracks. I just loved the demo and the new tracks are all of the same quality. I like the sound that they bring to the scene. I was expecting the same hardcore tendensies that every new US band seems to bring but this is pure Punk with one exception... this band actually knows their way around the studio. No brawling, cookiemonster vocalists or garagesound here (not that its anything wrong with that) its all well pollished without getting to radiofriendly.
I am really psyched to hear some more from this band in the future

2 kommentarer:

  1. I ordered this and it's a great release. This is worth picking up from the band.

  2. Boring to average music... cliche lyrics. I'm gonna guess this band is getting popular because everyone received a free CD for buying tickets to TNT fest.. and how TNT is promoting the hell out of them because they are local and helped put out this CD.