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onsdag 8 december 2010

Wellington arms - Living in America Demo (2008)

01. Wellington arms
02. Living in America
03. Bordoms a drag
04. It will never end
05. Got to believe

These boys are basicly the loose ends of the Chicago skinhead crew known as Brew & Honour probably more known for their fanzine by the same name then this band. I have never really carred much about zines the last couple of years since its often the same old tired interviews by the same old somewhat succesfull skinheadbands, a couple of 4 sentence reviews and a bunch of photos of the writers and their friends in the pub. Since the miracle of computers came along i think it is an unnecessary part of the scene and the few "new and hot acts" that get featured in the paperzines has probably already been featured on several bloggs and other sites when its time for the paper to get printed.
With that said no i have never read their zine but i have followed their blog for some time now and i really like both their sound and their attitude towards an otherwise to PC infested scene.

The band started in 2007 but its roots has been around since 2002 in their vocalist Erik Scott that played in a band called Violent retaliation and wrote most of these songs for that band. After that band dispatched Erik hooked up with his friend Lauren on guitar and Kevin who had just moved from Seattle on drums. After a couple of shows Laurens boyfriend Rick joined the band on bass and it eventually ended up being just Erik (voc,guit) Kev (drums) Rick (bass).

If you want more indept info on the band then read the interview that Spirit of yesterday did with them (its excellent).

Their sound can somewhat be described as an Oi!, RnR fusion and before i go on i have to mention the great vocals done by Erik. It just suits the bands sound perfectly and adding both great drums and guiar riffs to that and im sold.
I could go on ranting all day but instead i'll just upload this demo that one of the members sent me. I believe the last song is not supposed to be on th demo but since i dont know where the hell it belongs i added it to the demo.
Someone please give this band a good record deal!!

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