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tisdag 28 december 2010

2010 a year that we probably wont remember

Its time for me to do what every other serious blogg does. A 2010 summary.

Best 2010 American release:
Brassic - Voice of freedom
It took them over a year to finally release it but now its here and the silence they recieve outside of the states is not really fair. Buy it and promote it.

Best 2010 Swedish release:
Ticking bombs - Crash course in brutality
Its not Perkele and its not Battle scarred and thank good for that. This young band is something everyone should check out.

Best 2010 release over all:
On file - Breaking the rules
Best album released by one of my favourite bands it has to be the best of 2010.

Worst 2010 release all over:
The 4-Skins - The return
They called it the return but it was more like a bunch of old fart pissing themselfs in the face.

Best new acts of 2010:
The 96 brigade and Yellow stitches.
Even though the members from both bands have been in it for some now the bands are new and deliver two completelly different musical styles but equally great.

The release that never came:
Murderers row - The bully breed
A lot of records got pushed into 2011 but the one that i was looking forward to the most was this one. Wasnt this one supposed to be released in 2009 originally. What the fuck happened does anyone know?

The happening:
Sadly enough it was the passing of Kevin Geddes a member of Oxblood and dear friend to many active on the eastcoast. I never talked to the guy myself but i give respect where respect is due.

This years trend:
Recordlabels telling bands they are going to print their vinyl but after the band have put their own money and time to record the songs the labels back out leaving the artists in the cold. If you aint got the money to release 100 copies you should not call yourself a recordlabel to start with.

This years addition to my shitlist:
Bryan Scorch. Running a mailorder and playing in a band is not the best combination if you want to keep a good reputation for the band and rip people off through your mailorder at the same time. The fact that i you still ripped me off for 50$ after i blocked your paypal acount shows you have some balls but loyal supporters should be more important. Going from a straightedge hardcore kid to a closet Combat 18 supporter doesnt really give you many points in my book neither. Expect all your shit to be uploaded the minute it get pressed. FUCK YOU I STEAL!

6 kommentarer:

  1. haha i had to google Bryan Scorch to figure out hes the dude from Empire Falls. Its a shame scumbags put out good music

  2. Nice summary, even though I'm not agree with some of the "best" records of the year, but everyone has different preferences.
    Recently I found out the new (newest at least) album by Murderers Row is gonna be out finally on Durty Mick Records: http://store.durtymickrecords.com/Murderer_s_Row_The_Bully_Breed_p/dmr0017-2.htm
    Fun t-shirt, gonna get
    They've also posted a new song on their myspace and sound pretty good.

  3. OHHHH!!! This makes total sense now. The EF box set? That was delayed and didn't come out until Thanksgiving in November that's why it was never sent. Everyone who ordered that had to wait on that. The box set is out now and they were shipped in the last few weeks. I know that took forever. I thought all the outstanding orders had been shipped. Sorry about that.

  4. This shit sounds a bit shady.

  5. So then i guess my copy of that boxset is comming in the mail anytime soon then? Or did you refund me or how was it now again?

  6. Breaking Rules surely was the best record of the year.