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lördag 1 januari 2011

Bleach battalion - The kicker (2009)

01. The kicker
02. Forget the memories (Lets drink)
03. Skin life
04. Neither red nor racist
05. Battle cry
06. Freedom
07. No answer
08. Pride & tradition (2009 version)

Released by Skinhead records in 2009.

Many bands try to get a pure and basic Oi! sound in todays scene. Many of these bands have many years experience in the scene and still dont sound like the stuff a backwards inbreed Oi!head like myself wants it to sound. Then along comes a jewish Chicago girl named Natassja that basicly plays the majority of the instruments herself and shows how it should sound. It might not be the most musically challenging songs and yeah the drums are a bit off beat sometimes and its basicly as stripped down and raw as the sound might get but at the same time it delivers something that i and i know a lot more people want. Pure slow US Oi! like it used to be.
Sure it doesnt take long to hear what band inspired her to write a certain song and sometimes its almost stealing (like the Templars sound on Forget the memories) but i know i would rather listen to a good copy then an awfull streetpunk experiment like the rest of the crap the bands keep spitting out these days.
This girl also has a bigger set off balls then many other bands following the guidelines of whats ok to do and say and has basiclly started a one girl army against everything from muslims, homophobes, commies, nazis, so called antifacists and all other soldiers off fame and flock. Cudos!

The record has a surprising variety on the songs going from fastpaced songs like Battle cry to more RnR influenced tracks. My favourites though are the tracks Neither red nor racist and the song No answer where she really takes it back to the days of heavy drumbeats and "slowmo pogo".

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  1. I get your point, but I don't like that album very much. The songs sound kinda out of tune. Too special and hard to enjoy for me. But thanks anyway.