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tisdag 18 januari 2011

Brass tacks - Just the facts (1999)

01. Ain't gonna win
02. Skinhead rock and roll
03. For all i care
04. Trudge onwards
05. Just this once
06. Losing control
07. My friends and me
08. United pride
09. Feed the fire
10. Nice boys (Rose tattoo cover)
11. Oi toy
12. Scenester
13. Working class
14. Winsconsin hooligans
15. Back with a bang (Skrewdriver cover)

Released by Beer City Records in 1999.

Love this album sounds like a mixture off The bruisers and Hudson Falcons.
First off all where the hell did this sound go in the scene? I just love the RnR feeling and some bands aside (The barons, Brassic, The broadsiders and some others get it right in some songs) it seems Oi! has turned away from its 77 and RnR roots into a more streetpunk or hardcore sound. Not going on about how it was better before since the American scene basicilly spawned out off the hardcore scene but why does every new band sound the same today? I mean come on listen to the song Feed the fire and tell me that song doesnt heart and soul. Much of the intense feeling is thanks to Kyle's great vocals but the whole sound is not only great but also extremly diverse. Even if the RnR sound is present the whole record through both the lyrics and the all in all sound changes enough to keep you intrested the whole record through.
As much as i like old Skrewdriver i must say that Brass tacks actually does their song better with an acoustic intro and then after the first chorus the rest off the band jumps in and picks the tempo up a notch.
Personal favourites is Losing control and the streetfighting/partysong Skinhead rock and roll.
A shame that not many but me seems to understand this sound.
It can be bought by a collector at Brutus Ecrater for 11$ or from Hardset Shop for 12,6$.

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