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torsdag 6 januari 2011

The Anti-socials - Discography (1999-2003)

01. Whats in it for me
02. Why?
03. What kind of life (Version 2)
04. When are we gonna learn
05. Boring youth
06. They poison our youth
07. Up to us
08. Ban the news
09. Punks don't listen
10. Legends
11. Reality
12. Middle class lads
13. They don't offer anything
14. Power=Failure
15. Working for them
16. Sick of listening
17. What kind of life
18. Let's go
19. Being home
20. Fuck them
21. Two fucks
22. Blueprints

Released through the course of 1999-2003.

A fourmanband comming from Orange county that got together in the late 90's to counterattack all the crappy candycoated punk that was flooding the airwaves. They felt that it was time to give OC a noize assault of epic proportions and show how shitty-good punk can be if you drink while record and put more weight on having fun then trying to look cool.
With Los Jimbos on vocals, Rejected Ralphy on guitar, Jim Pogo on bass and Greggy Puke on drums they set out on a crusade that...... im sad to say not many have heard about. To be honest i heard about them when i interviewed Scotty violence a couple of weeks back. Apparently Scott and Los Jimbos was roommates for a couple off years in early 2000 and he played in a band called The last beats with Jimmy Pogo. He sent me these songs and seing i had only heard one of them before i had an intense week listening to it and i am glad i didnt just slag them off as another shaved noisepunk band cause some songs are good.
Even if this band never reached any global fame they had the chance to share stage with
Murphy's law and Billy club sandwich to name a few. They even got a small OC crew named after them called Anti Social Beat Down Crew.
In 1999 they released an Lp called Forward we march, backwards we progress and appeared on a Squigtone comp and a split record before breaking up in 2003.
Today some of the members have formed the band The Armedalite Rifles wich is another band i have never heard of before.

This sort of punk isnt really my thing normally but i actually found a couple of enjoyable songs among all these garagerecordings.
The first 4 tracks are from a 4-way split they did on FDH records in 2003 just before they broke up. Not much of quality here but the second song called Why? is ok and reminds me a bit about Squiggy. Track 5 called Boring youth was on the Greasers, Punks, & Skins Vol.2 that Squigtone released back in 1999 and this was the only track i had with the band before Scott hocked me up. Its probably the most Oi! sounding track in the bunch.
Tracks 6-8 are recordings that should have been on a EP that never happened.
Tracks 9-22 is the LP they released back in 1999 called Forward we march, backwards we progress. This is probably really good if your a punk but in my ears its mostly crusty noise with some lighter moments like the songs Two fucks, Reality and Sick of listening. My guess is decent recording equipment and a couple of extra weekends off brainstorming together new sounds would have helped the group.
I hate it when i get free stuff with bands that actually seem like nice chaps and i hate the sound but i have to be honest when i review and this band is nothing for me.
Thanks Scott for sending me the songs though and tell your friends to go easy on me if they ever come to Sweden looking for me.

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