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lördag 29 januari 2011

Empire falls - Scene of the crime (2004)

One life crew split 7'' from 2004 (1-3)
01. The quick and the dead
02. Cop out
03. Take a stab at society
The elite CDEP from 2002 (4-8)
04. The elite
05. Some kinda hate (Misfits cover)
06. Plague of the locust
07. Trapped in Dixie (Antiseen cover)
08. The gauntlet
Total panic 7'' from 2001 (09-16)
09. No class
10. Clash of the iron clads
11. How much more can we take
12. Nightfall
13. Etched in stone
14. I knew you'd let me down
15. Written word (B.D.T.R. cover)
16. Just can't last one more day (B.D.T.R. cover)
Dawn of a new era EP from 2001 (17-21)
17. Dawn of a new era
18. Caustic times
19. War is inevitable
20. Just can't last one more day II (B.D.T.R. cover)
21. That's alright
Making hardcore a threat EP originally recorded in 1999 (22-26)
22. Making hardcore a threat
23. Enemy in our midst
24. Show us some pride
25. Social schism
26. Kicked in the head (Warzone cover)
Pitboss 2000 split 7'' from 1998 (27-28)
27. Driver's license to kill
28. Rekindling the fire
The lines have been drawn 7'' from 1997 (29-33)
29. In the midst of poison
30. Fall of the empire
31. Rebuilding
32. Etched in stone
33. Stabbed in the back (Youth of today cover)

Released by Diehard Records in 2004.

Damn 33 songs thats what i call a record. It's actually one of those collection albums i understand the meaning of since it sums up their early carrer quite good and has some really good info on the band in the sleeves. Most of the songs featured on this album has already been uploaded and reviewed but some songs are new.
For starters i never uploaded the Dawn of a new era since i dont own it myself but its actually the best songs on this collection CD. It features a great cover of Misfits and has Bryan sweatsinging among all these hardcore songs. It also features a great Oi! track called The gauntlet and this is how i wish the band would sound more often. It's not so political and more relaxed than most other songs by the band.

Among all the collection albums this band has released this is the one with the most solid content and a great way for the vinylhaters to actually collect the bands early discography.
Yet again it's mostly stores in support of ze germanzzz that sell this record but if you dont mind then it's easy to google them.

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