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söndag 30 januari 2011

Empire falls - Infamous

01. Universally despised
02. Vigilante
03. Ambition
04. Politics are dead
05. Big mistake
06. One nation under hate
07. The baby boomers killed the American dream
08. You make me sick
09. Parasites
10. Thought police
11. Nothing ventured, nothing gained
12. Infamous

Released by Final Stand Records in 2007.

The most hardcore sounding album in their later carrer that starts out really good but could have been shorted down to an EP. They start of good with Universally despised and the track Vigilante that uses samples from the movie Taxidriver. Best song in the bunch though is Politics are dead with a heavy beating drum and lyrics like "I dont distinguish from right or wrong/Politics are fucking dead so who the fuck cares if we dont get along". The second half of the cd is just plain tired though and bringin in an alltime low on the track Thought police that sounds like a slowed down version of your average modern day HC band with some of the most simple and stupid lyrics to match. It would have been better as a 6-track EP.

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