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lördag 8 januari 2011

Best defense - Demo Cassette (1988)

01. Intro
02. We'll smash you
03. Russian roulette
04. American skins
05. Politicians
06. Always willing to fight
07. Us against them
08. You can't fight them
09. You'r gonna drop
10. Best defence
11. We have no say

Released by the band in 1988.

First off all thanks to Michael Mance for rippin and sending me this very rare piece of American history. For a cassette that has been laying around in someone's basement for 22 years it's fantastic it actually has sound comming out from it.
First off all i wont rate this demo since it wouldnt be fair against the band. They rerecorded most off these songs in 1989 for what should have been an LP (read my old post about what happened).
The demo is lacking in quality and has an annoying echo on the vocals but taking it for what it is i cant really demand great soundquality.
It features some early versions of many classic songs from their full-length but the best song on the demo was never released on anything but this demo ad far as i know. The song is You cant fight them and has a great feeling to it with the bands friends acting as backup vocals in the background and i just love that simple bass it has slamming the whole track through. This stuff should be in the American museum of national history but untill then i guess i will safeguard it.
(And no i still stand firm by my words that this band is in no way WP even if the tapes cover might give that impression)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks mate! I really love the "Six gun justice" realase so it's nice to here more from them.


  2. Re: the cover... considering the gun-themed imagery running throughout their body of work, that 'cross' could easily be intended to be a rifle crosshair. Hard to say for certain...


  3. well they thank everyone that believe in honor, EQUALITY, freedom, loyalty, america...

    hard to imagine equality would go hand in hand with white power, but then again the cover confuses me

  4. The cross is only "racist" today since it's been adopted by that movement. When a rightwinged and antileft band like Best defence uses it we ALL get confuced.