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måndag 24 januari 2011

Empire falls - The underdogs (2003)

01. The underdogs
02. Unknown soldiers
03. Who dares wins
04. Kudzu alley
05. Hollyscum
06. The tables will turn in the end
07. Jack & shit
08. Blockade runner
09. In the broad daylight
10. No surrender, never give in
11. Razor wire
12. Where the wild things are

Released by R.A.C. Records in 2003

This is Empire falls in their prime. A purely genious album that has been overlooked by the scene in general. No longer a hardcore band and the sound is punkrock mixed with early british RAC with all lyrics served perfectly through Bryans rough voice.
They start the album of with the wreckingball of a song called The underdogs that is sort of an outcast anthem with some great lyrics like "Talk is always so cheap/But talk has always been the flavor of the weak/All you are is a soldier of fame/And underdogs never play that game". The whole record is filled with great songs and often even greater lyrics but some tracks even manage to rise above the rest on this album. I am thinking about the song In the broad daylight that is has a tempo seldom seen in modern punk. It's a slow and dragging track with really catchy lyrics yet again about being an underdog/one man army.
Even if this might be counted more as RAC then Oi! or punk it's just what it says. Rock against communism. No lyrics are directed against any other group then the extreme leftwing and the fact that it's an underdog kicking up and not down means a lot to me. The best album by the band.
The record is availible on cd from Pure impact.

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