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tisdag 18 januari 2011

Scorch - Bandinfo and a couple of demo songs from 1995

01. Day break
02. Ashes
03. Static
+ i added Direct control's hatetrack to this bands vocalist called Lets scorch Scorch
The history of some of the biggest bands in todays underground Hardcore, Oi! and RAC scene starts right here with a little straight edge band called Scorch. The band was started in Greensboro, North Carolina back in 1994 with Brian "Scorch" on vocals, Hunter on guitar, Shane on bass and Matt Rudzinski on drums. A common fire burning for the local HC scene and their drugfree lifestyle created the bond that was Scorch and even if the band itself didnt last that long the band still exists today but under the name Empire falls (even if a lot has happened since then). The band broke up officialy in 1996 and thats when Brian and Hunter started Empire falls. One of the other members joined the Delaware band Dunamis (have no clue, never heard of them nether). The fact that this was Brians first band and the fact that he would later sing/play in bands such as Patriot, Pitboss 2000, Empire falls, Blitz (the later US version), Better dead than red, Gods of war, Not without bloodshed and Brutal tactics its wierd that this band is as unknown as it is.
The short time the band was together they managed to record these 3 demosongs, release a 7'' called Angel (absolutly impossible to get), appear on two comps and also release a cassette called Static through Brians own record label Prophecy Records (also that cassette is impossible to find).
For those who read my blogg from time to time knows i dont have much for the person called Brian Scorch (with C18 affiliation and that other mess) but since i respect his musical talent and bulldozer drivingforce in the music industy i will be fair to both him and the rest of the bandmembers.
No personal or political vendetta.
Their sound back in the days was like most other bands back then..... Hardcore. This is both for good and bad since i hate pure hardcore but i know a lot of you Yankees love it almost more the punk (though i cant understand how that is;) ). To be honest Empire falls is one of the few HC bands i have always liked but that is probably because they have always flirted with more classic punk in their sound.
They have one good track here called Static that is almost like a HC alternative rock mixture but other then that its not really my cup of tea. A good song though is the one that Direct control made in 2002. Its called Lets scorch scorch and is directed towards Brian. Can't back up their vocals but its a good song.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Bernardo,
    My brother graduated High school with Matt Rudzinski. I might be able to find out more about the band Dunamis from him. Long shot, but I'll see.

  2. Only band by that name around the Delaware area i found was some christian churchrock band. I dont think thats the one though.... I hope its not.

  3. I have 1 song from Dunamis on an old HC comp called Living On The Edge. Heavy east coast HC sound. A little generic for the time period. Anti-racist lyrics.