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söndag 23 januari 2011

Empire falls & Antiseen - Split 7'' (2003)

01. Empire falls - Jack & shit
02. Empire falls - Medical malpractice
03. Antiseen - Star whore (live)

Released by 1400 Days Pain in 2003.

First of all sorry for the low recordingsound on the vinyl-rip. I did it with my old needle and i am just to lazy to rip it again. Antiseen has never been a band i like being somewhat of a childish porno version of Limecell and the track they deliver here is nothing new. A redneck rock'n'roll track with mature lyrics that was recorded at some liveshow in Charleston back in 2000.
Empire falls is now basiclly playing pure punk and has adopted the sound that i like with them. Jack & shit is both a funny and good song while Medical malpractice is a pretty anonymous song and doesnt really stand out in any wa.
This EP is available for purchase through:
and a whole bunch of shady stores i wont promote on this site.

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