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fredag 21 januari 2011

Empire falls - The lines have been drawn 7'' (1997)

01. Rebuilding
02. Etched in stone
03. In the midst of poison
04. Fall of the empire

Released by Fistfight Records in 1997.

This one like most other early releases was later re-released together with other EP's but since i allready had photoed and ripped it i thought what the hell why not upload it alone. I will not upload all of the bands releases since most smaller releases are re-released like 10 times over the years on various "greatest hits" records so if you notice a hole in my discography dont worry the songs will come up sooner or later.

This is pure hardcore with a straight edge message. Me myself have never understood the point of straight edge and have always enjoyed a nice dead pig to my beer and snus but whatever makes the kids stay out of trouble and feel special i guess.
The A-side isnt much to have if you ask me but the XxX-track In the midst of poison is really great song. As i always say i am no expert on hardcore and i sometimes find myself asking whats so great about this when listening to bands like Minor Threat and other legends but this i understand.
Check out the drums on Fall of the empire mmmm.
The record is available for purchase through the great collectorsite Dimension7 records.

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