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tisdag 4 januari 2011

Bleach battalion - Never fall Mini-CD (2009)

01. Chaos tonight
02. Get away
03. Knuckle girls
04. Excessive force
05. Keep up the fight

Released by Skinhead records in 2009.

This record was actually recorded before The kicker and its easy to hear. The soundquality on the record is awefull and even if i can imagine the songs would be great the fact remains that this is more noise then music. Even so i found one good song in Chaos tonight that works fine as an aggro anthem and as much as i love myself a good ol hippiebash song the quality on Excessive force is so bad not even a bit of midi-piano could save it.

4 kommentarer:

  1. if you dont like it noisy you dont like it underground. what you calling "bad" quality is what is raw energy and workingclass ways. i like raw oi n punk n hardcore, sounding like was recorded in a basement. this cd rocks, you douchebag, and so do many others that you trash for so-called "sound qualitys". You wanna hear some lame studio good sounds, go buy your music at the mall or on your "i-fone"!

  2. What a mature comment.
    Since the quality is dirty by choise its in no way "workingclass" (whatever that is). Making the music sound dirty through production is more of a hipster thing to do and is still really populair in the german alternative rock scene.
    Dont be anonymous my friend your IP-adress stands out like a sore thumb.

  3. ahhh hahaha that person got owned

  4. Band broke up some days ago according to their site but from what i've heard they break up every month to rejoin the next. Do you know anything about this? Is it final?