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söndag 30 januari 2011

Empire falls - On the attack (2005)

On the attack (recorded between 2003-2005)
01. Russo don't rock
02. On the attack
03. Etched in stone
04. Long road
05. The quick and the dead
06. Internet loser
07. Defiant til the end
08. Go kill yourself
09. I knew you'd let me down
10. The gauntlet
11. The elite
12. Can't tell no one (Negative Approach cover)
13. We are the boys (Blitz cover)
14. Hang up your boots (Slapshot cover)
15. The KKK took my baby away (Ramones cover)
16. Beat on the brat (Ramones cover)
17. Antisocial (Skrewdriver cover)
18. Belsen was a gas (Sex Pistols cover)
19. Die when you die (GG Allin cover)
20. Bite it you scum (GG Allin cover)
Negicore Pioneers (recorded in Aug 2004)
21. War is inevitable
22. Time heals nothing
23. Can't tell no one (Negative approach cover)
24. Go kill yourself
25. Warriors (Blitz cover)
26. Blockade runner
27. Shoot Michael Moore
28. Jack and shit
29. The KKK took my baby away (Ramones cover)
30. Etched in stone
31. The tables will turn in the end
32. Kudzu alley
33. Die when you die (GG Allin cover)
34. Clash of the iron clads
35. Silver machine (Hawkwind cover)
Bonus tracks (Recorded in late 2005)
36. Our blood, our brotherhood
37. Weak resistance

Released by Defiant Records in 2005.

Ok this time it's 37 tracks released as a doubleCD on a single CD. One might think that this is really generous by the band but take in the fact that 25% are covers and 50% are just re-recordings of old tracks and you will understand that there is not really much to be gained with this record.

Lets start with the covers, i think most that follow my site knows what i think about punkbands doing covers of punkbands and HC bands doing HC covers etc. Basicly i dont see no reason to do a cover of a band unless it's a fresh take on a song or a much better version of the song. Live is a whole other thing and me myself i love when i go to a show and hear a familuar bassline comming and the band playing pays tribute to some old Cock sparrer song or whatever. But not on records please.
The GG Allin songs that are featured here are good songs to start with so why the hell would i want to pay money for this record and hear a watered down version of those legendary songs? Write your own material for fucks sake!

Most other songs on the CD are old one's that are re-recorded and since the original tracks all had high recording quality i don't really see no reason for these tracks to even exist. Write some new material for fucks sake!

How about the new one's then? They all sound really good and are a good showcase of their We live to be hated and Infamous albums that would be released the comming years. Best one in the bunch is the hatefull and brutal track called Weak resistance that sounds a lot like the sound Bryan delivered in one of his his other bands Brutal Tactics.

If you are going to buy one off the bands records don't support this shit just cause it has almost 40 tracks. Buy one of their real records instead.

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