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fredag 28 januari 2011

Updated my wishlist.

Updated my wishlist that can be found in the bottom of the page. I found and bought some really rare one's like Patriots - Hooligans holiday from 1993 and that Pattons legion split but also added some new one's like the band Howitzer that is impossible to find anywhere for purchase here in Europe. If you got it then let me know. I'll trade or buy the records on the list.

4 kommentarer:

  1. http://milicjaposzukuje.com/pistol-grip-berlin-ep.html

    polish distro - +/- 6/7 euro

  2. The Howitzer - Police State - CD can be bought from Pure Impact in Belgium. But if you don't wanna buy by it, I've got it and can upload for you, if you wish ?

  3. Hm didnt know they had it. I am going to order some stuff from them anywy so you dont have to upload it. What's going on with your site DS? Havnt updated for months now?

  4. Just been too busy with othe things, I'm starting post again :)