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måndag 24 januari 2011

Empire falls performing The underdogs live

Performing the title track from their album The underdogs in Raleigh 2007.

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    1. what fucking lies is this loser going on about?? no one in OGS that bryan kicked out is even in the movement anymore, all gone. a jew whose parents pay for europe?? who the fuck told you that nonsense? nose job? what the fuck are you talking about. what a lying sack of shit you are.

  2. As i have mentioned before i respect peoples choice to post as anonymous commenters but if any slander is on a personal basis such as slaggin of a member in a band i will remove any such comments made by anonymous posters.

    If oyu hate someone or think someone should loose weight etc etc then by all means write so in the comments but leave an dont do so as anonymous since the pesron you trashtalk cant commen back to you. Either post as anonymous and leave an email adress or use a bloggerprofile so anyone can find out who you are.