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lördag 22 januari 2011

Empire falls - Rekindling the fire (1997)

01. My friend, regret
02. Fall of the empire II
03. Nightfall
04. Realization
05. Gate City Crew
06. Shotgun
07. Turn the tide
08. Drift of anger
09. Our time
10. Etched in stone II
11. Growing dimmer
12. Cross me

Released by Back Ta Basics in 1997.

Pure hardcore and all that comes with it. If your into hardcore then you will probably like this record. Me? No. But since i try to do a discography i guess i will have to do the records i dont like to. My friend, regret is a song that even i can appretiate but other then that it's nothing for me. This record was re-released with bonus tracks some years later so google it if you want it.

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