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söndag 30 januari 2011

Empire falls - We live to be hated (2006)

01. We live to be hated
02. On the attack
03. Drama queen
04. Dregs of society
05. We aint no feel good band
06. I am rock and roll
07. Live tonight like it was your last
08. Slay the invader
09. Hate yer face
10. You'll never get through to me
11. Choose your side
12. Forever
13. No breaking a sweat pissing you off
14. Greensboro, NC

Released by Defiant Records in 2006.

No compilation of old demosongs or new versions of tired old covers. Finally they delivered a new album. The sound has changed a lot since 2003 and many tracks seem to be more leaning to a sound rescembling white trash r'n'r more than punk but the tracks that are good are really good. Like most other songs by the band it has an outcast/underdog message (We live to be hated and Forever) and also a lot off hate directed towards their own scene and fans like in No breaking a sweat pissing you off and the (i hope so) not so serious Dregs of society where the bands own fans get assaulted with lyrics like "Those music magazines have no gig for me/So im styck with you, the dregs of society/I hate you're kind but most of all i hate your scene/You're all dregs of society and mean nothing to me". They also have a couple of politcally charged songs without any real political target (the songs can be deciphered however you want) like Choose your side and Slay the invader.
All in all it's a really good album even if its a bit uneven going from awefull tracks to superb one's.
This record is availible to buy from Dim Records.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Awesome blog. Nice to see you tackeling a band with a big discog like empire falls. This mean we can look forward to seeing you do a YDL or templars discog in future?

  2. Damn did you have to remind me. I get a headache everytime i think about tying up all loose splits and 7''s by Templars into a discography. But i will sink my teeth into it some time soon.