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torsdag 27 januari 2011

Empire falls & Creepout - The new world and the rising sun (2004)

Empire falls:
01. Cop out
02. The quick and the dead
03. Battering ram
04. Time heals nothing
05. Etched in stone
06. War is inevitable
07. Big mistake
08. Defiant til the end
09. Making HC a threat '98
10. Show us some pride '98
11. Enemy in our midst '98
12. Social schism '98
13. Tone deaf '98
14. Just can't last one more day (B.D.T.R. cover)

15. Hardcore district
16. One tribe
17. OSG
18. Flexibility

Released by Prophecy Records in 2004.

This is where the band starts to use old material and releasing it as new records fooling anyone not paying attention to the songlists. Anyway they have some new tracks that actually hold a high quality and among the new tracks are two really good one's. Defiant til the end and the very catchy song The quick and the dead. But the so called split falls short on the bands greed in releasing a "new album" with old songs AND releasing a discography collection that features the same songs just a couple of months inbetween. Make some new music instead.
I dont know if this album can be counted as a split since Creepout only gets the chance of making 4 songs opposed to Empire falls 14 songs (haha). Creepout is a Japanese metalcore band and from the little chance they have to make themselfs heard on the split i like what im hearing. Maybe Prophecy could have made a real split and changed Empire falls old songs for some more by Creepout. Take a listen to the song OSG by the band. Anyone into more metal sounding HC will like it.

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