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söndag 9 januari 2011

Mans ruin - Whoyoucallin' cracker (1998)

01. Mans ruin
02. Firecracker
03. Come a little closer
04. Lies
05. Half my age plus seven years
06. Make a stand
07. Cider woman
08. True love
09. Hard times
10. The color red
11. Packed with a punch
12. Black and blue
13. I don't like you (Skrewdriver cover)
14. Put a little south in your mouth

Released by GMM Records in 1998.

A girlband playing Oi! and actually one off the few bands in Oi! where the band is made up off more females then men and actually sound good. Many great bands have girls in them but after bands like Devotchkas and also now later the Swedish band Körsbärsfettera it seems all female Oi! bands are doomed to fail.
The band was started by the vocalist Rhonda Riot in 1995 and consisted of Lindsay Newlin on bass, Jennifer Noah on guitar and Angry Ian as drummer. The band was deep in the scene before they started the band so getting gigs and deals wasnt any harder then calling up their old friend Mark from GMM.
They released their first EP called Cider woman in 1996 and followed it up in 1998 with this record. They later released another full-length through the French label Helen of Oi! in 2000 but dissapeared after that.

I love the girls attitude and humor (atleast i hope thats what it is). Most songs are about looking for young boys to basicly use as sexslaves (Come a little closer, Half my age plus seven years) and also has a song called Put a little south in your mouth (needs no explanation). When the lyrics aint of the sexual nature they talk about beating and kicking folks down (Cider woman).
The better songs are the one's with a somewhat serious nature like Packed with a punch and Hard times and they also manage to deliver a superb cover of Skrewdrivers old I don't like you.
Best (maybe not best but atleast most intresting) song on the album is Firecracker where they turn your ordinary football Oi!chant into something that more resembels a cheerleaderchant with shouts like "Firecracker, firecracker boomboomboom/Firecracker, firecracker boomboomboom".
I found a used record on Amazon for 50$ other then that i think it's sold out.

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  1. Thanks for the good thought Music forever but i had to delete your comment since i do not support giving away new music. I dont think Murderer's row would be happy if everyone could just download their new album instead of buying it.