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söndag 23 januari 2011

Empire falls - Take a stab at society (2001)

01. No class
02. I knw you'd let me down
03. Clash of the iron clads
04. Etched in stone
05. Ruins of Camelot
06. How much more can i take?
07. Take a stab at society
08. Just can't last one more day (B.D.T.R. cover)
09. Found you out
10. Night fall
11. Written word
12. 1400 days
13. Nothing

Released by Prophecy Records in 2001.

Basicly the first real album by the "new" Empire falls and a lot of changes in the bands sound but mosly in the way that Bryan sings. Long gone is the HC yelling and dont know what he did with his voice but from now on he would always sing with this shaky more punk sounding style. A style i prefer since i never really liked their old stuff.
Even if this lineup of the band is the one that is said to be the best i think most of the songs on the record are great but where re-recorded in better versions in their later carrer. It was set inbetween B.D.T.R.'s awefull A better land and Empire falls awesome The underdogs and so is the score i will give it. The band hasnt gotten to their full potential and they are still have to much of their old HC sound for me to really like.
It can be bought for 9$ through Haunted hotel records.

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