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onsdag 5 januari 2011

Crucial change - 33 (2009)

01. We're back
02. Pride in yourself
03. Tree of life
04. Stay out
05. Skin
06. Standing strong
07. Patriotic price
08. Society's shame
09. N.A.U.
10. Politically correct
11. Wings of the raven
12. Stoltz (Böhze onkels cover)
13. Born free

Released by Dim Records in 2009. It also includes their 2007 Lp called American made that i have already uploaded here.

I loved this band when they came out in 2007 and they have come a long way in two years. The only original member on this album is Tyler Busik on vocals and guitar. Ryan Gillespie has replaced Ramone Alvine on bass and Scott Michael has replaced Tamon Fujimi on drums. The sound is still the same though and Tylers distinct and rough vocals are basicly what makes the band.

The theme on the record is a bit rougher though and with lyrics about nationalism, anti-communism, vikings and killing drugdealers the blind will easily put one and one together and point the old "germanz" finger at the band but as we all know there is more colors inbetween black and white and for sure there is more views hidden inbetween the left and right. If you are looking for racial hatred in the lyrics then look elsewhere.

Setting the record straight from the getgo with their song We're back with lyrics such as "Flying the flag for the land we love/PC faggots shove your fucking dove/America is changing but we stay the same/Boots and braces forever CRUCIAL CHANGE". This is basicly the theme of the entire album and as cliché as it might sound it's just great when a band sticks to the blueprint when everybody else i trying to break the mold. Sure not all songs are great and i cant understand the norse mythology actually being sung about outside of Sweden and other Norse counties like in the songs Tree of life and Wings of the raven. My favourite songs on the record are Pride in yourself that portraits a healthy way of patriotism and the song Skin that takes both battle-anthems and vigilante tracks to new heights. Even if the Böhze onkels cover Stolz isnt as good and lacks the raw brutality the original song had its fun to see an English translation of the song (i read German for two years in school but i dont remember shit).
Even if it's a bit TOO cliché and patriotic it delivers when other albums/bands dont. For fans of Battle cry, Moonstomp and all those other great original bands.
The album is available for purchase at:
Interpunk for 9,25$
CD Baby for 13$
Diehard Records for 15$
Adler versand for 17,3$
Pure impact for 18$
My guess is that its also available from Dim's webbshop but i havnt been able to open their site for some time now.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I love this band (musically and lyrically) and I'm really looking forward to see a new album being released by Tyler and Ryan (and hopefully he gets also his blog more fired up again), a band that's truly needed today, musically and also especially lyrically, period!!!
    Anyone who's interested in them can check out the interview that I've done with them last year at http://manslaughterthuglife.blogspot.com/2010/10/you-are-born-free-light-of-your-nation.html and Tyler truly makes a lot of good points there.
    Cheers & Oi!
    - Manslaughter Andy

  2. Could you add this to the re-upload list?