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onsdag 19 januari 2011

Various artists - Our blood, our brotherhood 7'' (1997)

01. Greg Bennick - Spoken word intro
02. Commin correct - Individuality
03. Empire falls - Struggle to overcome
04. Pride - Erode
05. Scorch - Daybreak
06. Krutch - Intro/I'm the one

Released by Prophecy Records in 1997.

The first release ever by Prophecy Records released in a limited 215 copies so yeah it's quite rare.
I'm not really down with the US hardcore scene and to be honest i only know the bigger names (Terror, Madball, Hatebreed, Irate etc) or the once with a direct connection to the skinhead scene's history (Agnostic front, Iron cross etc) but after i bought this one i searched for more by the band called Commin correct (Rick from 25 Ta life's sideproject). They play a sort of HC that sounds very simulair to Agnostic front (probably because Rick sounds a lot like Roger Mirret) and they do it really good with a few twists and turns in the melody.
Empire falls delivers a song that is new to me called Struggle to overcome and i am surprised that they didnt include this song on their first records. It's like most other early tracks by the band brutal and as always great drums and guitar. Following this band for some yaers now its was nice to hear a new song.
Pride sounds a bit NYHC to my untrained HC ear and its not really my thing.
A fun and rare compilation that showcases the death of Scorch and the birth of Empire falls.

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