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lördag 15 januari 2011

Mans ruin - Gossip, rumors and lies (2000)

01. Heart & soul
02. Black & blue (new version)
03. Tattoos & memories
04. Gossip, rumors & lies
05. Stroke of luck
06. What's it like being you?
07. I'm going to hell
08. Bad apple
09. Chip on my shoulder (Cock sparrer cover)
10. Troubles with me
11. The fire that burns inside of me
12. A little or a lot
13. Cross that line
14. Tomorrows a new day
15. Please listen to me
16. I dont wanna hear it (a hidden Minor threat cover)

Released by Helen of Oi! Records in 2000.

Unlike their first album this one lacks both humor and a distinct sound. To many of the tracks sound the same and the few tracks that stick out do it in a bad way. If you love the first song on the album you will probably love the whole package. It's fast and its rough and on most songs it seems like Rhonda has problems keeping up with the beat. Not all songs are the same and the last song takes a detour and delivers an acoustic track but take a listen to it and you will understand why i give this record a 6. The band traded in their rythm and humor for attitude and speed and the result is a showcase of bad music and bad taste (doing a Cock sparrer cover).
The record is still for sale in these stores:
Interpunk 6,5$
Pure impact 16,5$
Oi! aint dead 17$

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