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söndag 23 januari 2011

Empire falls - Making hardcore a threat MCD (2001)

01. Making hardcore a threat
02. Show us some pride
03. Enemy in our midst
04. Social schism
05. Kick in the head (Warzone cover)

Released by Prophecy Records in 2001.

These songs where actually recorded back in 1998 with the old lineup and was supposed to be released as an EP but only their cover was released on a Warzone tribute comp.

The band starts to take a turn to the better in their sound and even if it still is pure hardcore it's not as noisy and fast as on their early records. Enemy in our midst is better then the earlier version and those that are not familiar with the "pre-b.d.t.r." days might start to recognize the vocals of Bryan now. Higher production values and a great Warzone cover is well worth a download.

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