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fredag 17 december 2010

Southern riot - Last mistake (2004)

01. M.F.L
02. Reborn
03. American skinhead
04. Healthcare
05. Loyalty lost
06. Last mistake
07. Outro

Selfreleased by the band in 2004.

Oi!core band from Texas that started back in 2001 with "Scuba" on vocals and guitar, "Little E" on bass and guitar. The band went through a lot of lineup changes in their first years but ended up with the two founding members + Papa John (would later go on to play in Roots of exile) on drums and Steve-O (from Tried & true) on bass.
In 2004 they recorded this Mini-CD and did the distribuion all by themselfs and thats probably why it could only be bought from 1 store worldvide when i bought it and not a single soul who's not really, really into US Oi! has ever heard of them. After these recordings Steve-O was kicked out of the band for unknown reasons and they struggled on as a 3-piece band untill in 2006 when the cops closed down their recording studio and Scuba got into a whole heap of legal matters so the band was put to rest for good.

I first heard this band when i watched the Spring broke tour and was blown away by the pure impact they delivered on stage and that same feeling can be heard on the intro to the first track. To bad most other songs turn into some screamo bullshit but they manage to deliver two good songs in M.F.L and Healthcare and i must say i think the drums are really tight the whole record through.
A somewhat great record that falls short thanks to annoying vocals and the fact that they charged full price for a Mini-CD.
This cd is sold out from the only store that sold it.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Would love to hear this album. Please get it back up if you can. Thank you.

  2. It's on myspace