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onsdag 1 december 2010

Fully loaded & Pistol grip - Sound of the street split (2000)

01. Fully loaded - Oi! warning
02. Pistol grip - Crucifixtion poltix
03. Fully loaded - Whats wrong with the kids?
04. Pistol grip - Get up to get shut down
05. Fully loaded - Chaus on the run
06. Pistol grip - Aristocratic state
07. Fully loaded - Kids of the 80's
08. Pistol grip - United streets
09. Fully loaded - I dont need your love (Skrewdriver cover)
10. Pistol grip - Claustrophobia
11. Fully loaded - Fully loaded
12. Pistol grip - The scoundrels

Released by Urgentin music in 2000.

This right here is two sides of punk that dont often mix to well but this release is one of the most overlooked through the years. Dont think many knows about this album at all even if it features an allstar team of Oi! veterans on one side and one of the few streetpunk bands that i think has made great music even when they went from shaven heads and boots to wearing matching leatherjackets and posing for magazine photos.
Pistol grip plays some really catchy streetpunk without getting to radiofriendly. This was their first ever release and has released 4 full-lengths after this one. I will be uploading more of this band in the future.
Fully loaded has gone through some lineup changes since their last release replacing Bill with Rollie on lead guitar and John on rhythm guitar. Mike also left and was replaced by Neil "El Chiyon" on drums. Adrian is still here and so is Stan Corona (also made the coverart) so the sound is still the same... but better.

Fully loaded delivers a whole heap of great tracks with a bit of a garage feeling to them. You can easily hear that Pistol grip had better recording equipment when they did the songs and even if Fully loaded sounds a bit hollow at some pint i actually like the echoing feeling that cheap recordings give. Their first song Oi! warning is one of the most livefriendly songs i have heard from the westcoast with great singalong parts in the choruses. They also do a great cover of the old classic I dont need your love and all of the covers that has been made i must say thuis is one of the few hat actually does early Skrewdriver right with an echoing and brutal bass matching Adrians voice. Their last song on the album is a bit more RnR then the rest and something gives me the feeling that they where drunk when they created this song (in a good way).

Pistol grip's songs are of better studioquality and even if they on some points in their carrer have stepped a bit to near the line of pop-punk i know atleast i have always liked them. This being their first release i am surprised how advanced they actually sound. Starting song Crucifixtion poltix sounds like the mother of all skainfluenced streetpunk with Stax solid voice flowing like butter in the sun (what the hell that is supposed to mean). Their song Claustrophobia is my afavourite on this album with some great midipiano tinkling in the backgrounf proving yet again that we need more piano in modern punk!

This album was a big surprise the first time i heard it and if you doubted westcoast streetpunk maybe this album will turn you hardheaded Oi!head around.
This album is still for sale at Interpunk.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I never figured you'd be a Pistol Grip fan...even with the pianosong. Ha ha!

  2. As you know i dont normaly like those sort of bands but i always found PG to do good songs no matter what genre they tend to land in.