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måndag 29 november 2010

Fully loaded - Skinheads 4-ever 12'' (1996)

01. Crazy world
02. Yearnings in bed
03. Kaos on the run
04. Skinheads forever

This 12'' EP was released by Vulture rock in 1996.

A top band started by some of the elite in the LA scene around 1995. Formed by Adrian on vocals and Mike on drums both original members of the Toughskins. Adding Stan Corona from Bovver wonderland on bass and Bill from The authority! on guitar and you might just figure out for yourself that it sounds pretty fucking awesome. They where featured on some comp albums but finally released this EP in the late 1996 through Vulture rock. because they all where bussy with their respective bands it took 'till 2000 for their next release wish was a superb split CD with the punkband Fully loaded. They where also supposed to have released a split record with Pattons legion in 2005 but no matter where i search and no matter how much money i am willing to pay fr it i just cant find any information about that release anyway. Maybe its just an urban legend what do i know?

A very high qualty on the songs and less "garage" than their later stuff. It has 2 great songs but if you look at their split from 2000 it stands short in comparison. The theme of the album is the same as most other US Oi! from this era. Drinking, fighting and being a cliché skinhead not that its anything wrong with those topics (if it was i probably would be listening to some deep alternative rock about opening mail, staring at the clock and drinking the).
This album can still be bought as a vintage record through Toonorth records for 12$ or directly from Vulture rock for 3$. Though i think they have sold out because i remember seing Vultures account at Sit & spin posting it for 80$.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Great thanks for this. I am the one who requested this. Any chance of you putting up the split?

  2. Your wish is my command. Its up.

  3. I have a few copies of the pattons legion split for $10 a piece because so few were printed. -Doug B&BR @ sloandh@yahoo.com