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fredag 12 november 2010

Yellow stitches - Demo (2009)

01. Intro
02. Yellow stitches
03. Wrong place, wrong time
04. Tale of a fat fucking retard
05. Manchester party
06. Where are they now (Cock sparrer cover)

A new band from New Hampshire and just like members of the skincrew Manchester Firm from what i understand. To be honest i know nothing about this band except from what i hear on the demo.

Seing pictures from their concerts and of the people attending those shows beore i heard the demo i was expecting a hardcoreband or atleast some harder punk made for moshing but what i got was a bit softer Oi! perfect for some laidback skanking. Thank you whoever runs the show.
I have always been allergic to the whole wannabe prisonyard NYHC toughguy style that has been a part of the US Oi! scene since day one.

My guess is that even if the band is new the members are not new to the scene. It just sounds to damn good for a first demo. Starting the demo of is the selftitled skinhead anthem and also the best song by the band. Great singalong parts and just like the rest of the demo all members are right on point on all instruments. The band even manages to pull of a good cover of Cock sparrer that might not be as good as the original but damn close.

If you have a friend out there that likes Dropkick Murphys but dont really like any of the god music in the scene then this is a good start in the convertion. Pop friendly but at the same time true Oi!. Hope to hear more from this and soon.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Some of the members in this band also plays in the hardcore band Word For Word

  2. Thanks for the review man. I think the reason you were misled to think we were a hardcore band is because that picture you have posted there is actually not of a yellow stitches show. It was a show my old band was playing and it was just a good shot of Brandon(singer of yellow stitches) getting ignorant and jumping on peoples heads. haha. We just didnt have any pictures of yellow stitches at the time it was posted.

    These tracks and some additional material are avaialable on a new CD from arrest records at http://yellowstitches.bigcartel.com/

    And ya we definitely aren't "new" to this shit. We've all been doing bands for years and just wanted to do something that was just fun that we and our friends and anyone else who watns to could party to.