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söndag 14 november 2010

The stouts - Band discography (1997-2000)

01. Stouts (97 Demo)
02. Cowards (97 Demo)
03. Skinheads broke the bar (97 Demo)
04. We just wanna drink (97 Demo)
05. Smash the raves (98 Oi! it's streetpunk comp)
06. Aggro night (98 Oi! it's streetpunk)
07. Dead society (98 Longshot promo sampler)
08. Violence everywhere (98 Rockin' the streets comp)
09. No hope (98 Rockin' the streets comp)
10. Pervert (99 split demo)
11. Violence everywhere (99 split demo)
12. We rule the streets (99 split demo)
13. Land of the free (2007 Southland skinheads armed with the truth)

Released as a "bootleg" by me in 2010.

(Update 7th Jan 2012: One of the old members updated the correct bandinfo and some additional info in the comments section. Be sure to check it out)

One of the best skinhead bands from America that never got even a EP released through the years they where active.
The band is from Orlando, Florida and was formed in 1995 by Darryl Finn on guitar, Chris Hall on bass, Brian "Big G" on vocals and Jeff Morin on drums.
The band started up as a project to bring a scene that they felt that Orlando was lacking. They went in to the studio i 1997 to record their first songs that resulted in a 6-track demo. This demo brought them some fame and even if they never got any record release they got the chance to be featured on 2 international compilation albums in 1998 and also got to do shows with bigger bands like Blanks 77, Inspector 7 and Hepcat.
After this the band broke up just to get back together a couple of months later with some lineup changes. 3 of the original members had just started up a hardcore band called Loyal 2 None and decided to record a split demo with the bands in 1999. This demo was never released but somehow i got my hands on all those tracks except one. After these recordings the band broke up and a third attempt to unite the band around 2000-2001 failed cause of the new PC attitude that was in the scene of Florida around this time and The stouts did not fitt into their frame.

Well since no recordlabel seems to understand how great this band actually was i guess its up to me to make a bootleg album so people that ahvnt heard them can get a chance. I have had these songs for a long time now but i am still missing two songs and thats what has kept me from uploading it. After some years i have given up on ever finding those songs so what the heck lets get these tracks out there.

Tracks 1-4 is from their 1997 demo but all these songs are of the highest quality. The band sounds a lot like Boot Party but also has a lot of influences from the 80's UK scene. Many of the topics are a bit cliché but its all fitting the sound and the bands musical influences also shine through in the lyrics. WEven if most songs are about good old drinking and fighting (Skinheads broke the bar, Stouts, We just wanna drink, Aggro night) they also bring up typical Oi! topics like pedophiles (Pervert) cops (Coward), drugs (Smash the raves) and offcourse national pride (Land of the free).
All songs have a very raw and aggro feeling to them and in 99 when they had a new singer they even got a bit of a RAC feeling to the songs (not the lyrics).
This is a band that never really got the respect they descerved in the scene and i think its a shame so be sure to not miss these great songs.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Oh i forgott if anybody has the songs Heros (97) and Targets of abuse (99) then be sure to let me know since these are the only songs missing by the band in this collection.

  2. I doubt anyone else will bother reading this besides the blog owner but, this is Chris Hall (guitarist and sometimes bassist of the Stouts). Thanks for putting this up, I didn't realize it existed until tonight when I did a google search on Loyal 2 None and found this.

    First off, just some info on the tracks posted. In 1997, the band recorded 8 songs. 6 of those songs were released as a demo cassette, with 2 of those songs (Smash The Raves & Aggro Night) released on the "Oi! it's streetpunk Vol. 2" comp, and two of those songs (Land Of The Free & We Just Wanna Drink) were never released (the original versions anyway). If I remember correctly, Darryl wanted to use those 2 songs for a possible split 7" release but it never happened. In 2003, I remixed all 8 of the songs, adding more lead guitar to "broaden the sound". 2 of the remixes (Skinheads broke the bar & Land Of The Free) ended up on that "Southland skinheads" comp, I believe. To this day, I still have not listened to the comp or ever received a copy (Maybe you could upload it). Anyway, tracks 1-4 on your collection here are actually the '03 remixes of '97 demo tracks, the only original '97 versions are tracks # 5 & 6.

    There was some label interest. From what I remember, either Helen Of Oi or some other European oi/streetpunk label wanted to do a record with the band, but constant line-up changes and/or lack of motivation prevented that. I think there was also talks with a US label wanting to do a split with another US oi band, but we never followed up on it for whatever reason. In '98, we opened for Rancid and they (Tim & Lars) told us after our set that they wanted to put us on one of their "Give 'em The Boot" comps on their little vanity label but we never heard back from them. I believe Darryl got some letter back from some corporate executive informing him that neither Tim or Lars had any say about what bands the label put out.

    I left the band for about a year, from mid-1997 until mid-1998. The 3 songs from '98 (Dead society (98 Longshot promo sampler), Violence everywhere (98 Rockin' the streets comp), No hope (98 Rockin' the streets comp)) were recorded live in the studio as 3-piece (Darryl, Jeff, and Larry) right before Brian ("Big B") joined and I rejoined.

    By mid-1999 we were pretty much done with the band. Jeff (drummer) had quit, and Larry (bassist) went MIA. Darryl and myself decided to start a hardcore band called Loyal 2 None and while recording a demo for our new band, we decided to record some Stouts songs as well. Kind of a "farewell to our old band, welcome to our new band" thing and the plan was to release this as a split album. If my memory serves me correctly, we recorded 7 or 8 Stouts songs and 6 L2N songs. A few of the Stouts songs were re-makes of older songs with a few new songs. The 3 of us (me, Darryl, and Brian) played everything on that recording as no other band members were around anymore. The recording was doomed from the start, as we decided to record it ourselves on a 4-track and mix it at a "real studio". Some of the songs didn't make the cut, due mainly to not playing enough measures or some other fuck up. We even recorded a cover of Oxblood's "Traitor" (a song we played live on occasion) but never finished it. The studio we took it to ended up making it sound worse than it already was so we never officially released it. We made some demo copies of it and passed it around to our friends, labels, people in other bands, ect. but the shit quality of the final mix made us lose interest in it pretty quickly.

  3. P.S.
    The Stouts songs that ended up on the final mix/demos were: We Rule The Streets, Pervert, Violence Everywhere, Dead To Society, Targets For Abuse, Cowards '99.

    After that, we continued to play as Loyal 2 None, but thats a whole new chapter to the story. Another short-lived streetpunk band was formed with Darryl and future members of the new Stouts, so when that band ended in 2000, the Stouts reformed with a new line-up while we were still doing L2N. Nothing was recorded and no shows were played by the Stouts during this reformation and both bands (with over-lapping band members) basically self-destructed. Both bands were dead by 2001, but L2N did reform in 2002 (under multiple different names) and broke up again in 2003. I had Jeff burn me a copy of the master disc of the '97 demos sometime in '03 and I overdubbed and remixed it and the rest is history. I would like to do the same with '99 demos, but need to get the master tapes from Darryl. Maybe 2012 will bring a proper Stouts release (for "historical" purposes). Maybe I'll come back and post an update if you need any more into.

    You can get in touch with me at loyaltonone at yahoo dot com

  4. This is pretty cool,I was goofing on my lunch break at work and typed in Baltimore Skinhead 2012, and the above/bottom image was in the top 20 pics on the google engine. The picture caught my eye because the guy in the Blitz shirt is my little brother, then I saw the link and remember you guys from years ago when I visited from Baltimore. Good stuff, glad to see these guys represented here.