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fredag 5 november 2010

Various artists - The only spirit is... Unity! (1993)

01. Ultima thule - Ragnarök (Sweden)
02. Headwound - Shut up
03. Straw dogs - Pride of our eyes (U.K.)
04. Oxblood - Die hards
05. Cannons - Figh & win (Japan)
06. Niblick henbane - Icy cold
07. Plastic gangsters - One law for them COVER (France)
08. Wretched ones - First song
09. Stormwatch - The seventh power
10. Ouka - Firm spirit (Japan)
11. Skinkorps - Pinard song (France)
12. Those unknown - The answer
13. Klasse kriminale - Giovani skins senza una chance (Italy)
14. Growl strike - Stop it (Japan)
15. Rabauken - Holligans (Germany)
16. Dead end boys - A pub with no beer
17. Boisterous - Oi! Oi! havin' a laugh (U.K.)

Released on both vinyl and CD by Dim records in 1993.

Compilation featuring bands mainly from America and Japan (both being my favourite Oi! nations) but also from some other nations.

Starting the record of is the only Swedish band representing our Oi! scene and its....... a vikingrock band!? I know Ultima Thule has a huge following around the world and that they where the founders of vikingrock as it is today but i have never seen the connection with them and the punkscene. While i was growing up as a teen only raggers and mentally disabled kids listened to them and when they didnt they where probably out in their cars hunting young punks to beat up. Anyway i was around when they where really big and going to many different partys with many different people attending them it was quite hard to avoid listening to it. This song featured on the CD is actually one of the few songs i can stand listening to. Still its sad that a viking band is the representants for Swedish Oi!.

The American bands featured n the CD are Headwound, Oxblood, Niblick henbane, Wretched ones, Stormwatch, Those unknown and an old band called Dead end boys (not to be confuced with the still active Oi! band from Baltimore). A good mix of bands and even if none of the songs are exclusive to this release its always nice to hear The seventh power and The answer.

Best song on the whole comp is the German group Rabauken with the song Holligan. Singalong friendly and instrumentally modest (damn its hard to make myself understood in english sometimes) Oi! with a happy feeling to it.

Worst on the CD is the french band Plastic gangsters with their cover of One law for them. Oh i know instead of listening to the superb original track i will listen to these guys that copy the song but at the same time rapes the English language. No.

All in all a fun CD that was better at the time it was released but still stands strong today.
The album can still be bought at:

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